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Your path to becoming a fitness PROFESSIONAL starts here

Alpha Training offers a huge variety of courses to help you on your way to becoming a qualified fitness professional. Choosing the right modules for the qualification you want is incredibly important. Call us today and let us give you support and advice to help you decide which career path you want to follow.

Calendar 2017 Course Dates:

Level Course R1 R2
L2 Gym (Part-time) September 2nd,3rd / 9th,10th October 28th,29th (A+P2) / November 4th,5th (A+P2) / 11th,12th (A+P2 Exam and Principles) / 18th,19th / 25th,26th
L2 Gym (Full-time) September 25th-29th (A+P2) / October 2nd-6th

Exercise to Music (Full-time) September 11th-15th October 28th,29th (A+P2) / November 4th,5th (A+P2) / November 20th-24th
L3 PT (Part-time) September 16th-17th (L3 Nutrition) / 23rd (L3 Nutrition), 24th (A+P3) / 30th, October 1st (A+P3 Exam) / 7th,8th / 14th,15th
L3 PT (Full-time) August 28th-30th (L3 Nutrition) / 31st, September 1st (A+P3) / 4th (A+P3 Exam) / 5th-8th October 9th-11th (L3 Nutrition) / 12th,13th (A+P3) / 16th (A+P3 Exam) / 17th-20th
L3 Pilates (Full-time) October 23rd-27th (A+P3) / November 13th-19th
L3 Sports Massage (Full-time) October 23rd-27th (A+P3) / 30th - November 3rd / 6th-10th

Pack Pedal (Indoor Cycling Instructor Training) October 21st,22nd

Pack Punch (Boxing Circuit Instructor Training) November 23rd,24th

Pack Pendulum (Kettlebell Instructor Training) October 26th,27th

Pack Push Pull (Indoor Resistance Instructor Training) September 18th,19th

Pack Straps (Suspension Instructor Training) September 22nd

Pack Wrap and Strap (Sports Taping Instructor Training) November 18th

Calendar 2018 Course Dates:

Course R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
Level 2 Gym (Part-time) January 6th,7th / 13th,14th / 20th,21st / 27th,28th/ February 3rd,4th March 17th,18th / 24th,25th / April 7th,8th / 14th,15th / 21st,22nd September 22nd,23rd / 29th,30th / October 6th,7th / 13th,14th / 20th,21st

Level 2 Gym (Full-time) February 5th-9th (A+P2), 12th-16th May 14th-18th (A+P2), 21st-25th July 2nd-10th (2nd-6th A+P2), 14th September 10th-14th (A+P2), 17th-21st November 5th-9th (A+P2), 12th-16th
Exercise to Music (Full-time) February 5th-9th (A+P2), 12th-16th May 14th-18th (A+P2), 21st-25th July 2nd-10th (2nd-6th A+P2), 14th September 10th-14th (A+P2), 17th-21st November 5th-9th (A+P2), 12th-16th
Level 3 PT (Part-time) April 28th,29th / May 5th,6th / 12th,13th / 19th,20th / 26th,27th October 27th,28th / November 3rd,4th / 10th,11th / 17th,18th / 24th,25th

Level 3 PT (Full-time) February 26th-March 2nd, 5th-9th June 4th-8th, 11th-15th August 13th-17th, 20th-24th October 1st-5th, 8th-12th November 19th-23rd, 26th-30th
Level 3 Pilates (Part-time) July 16th-20th (A+P3) / 23rd-29th

Level 3 Sports Massage (Part-time) February 3rd,4th (A+P3) / 10th,11th (A+P3) / 18th / 25th / March 4th / 11th / 18th / 25th / April 8th / 15th / 22nd / 29th September 8th, 9th (A+P3) / 15th, 16th (A+P3) / 23rd / 30th / October 7th / 14th / 21st / 28th / November 4th / 11th / 18th / 25th

Level 4 Sports Massage (Full-time) December 3rd-7th / 10th-14th (Closing weekend TBD)

Pack Pedal (Indoor Cycling Instructor Training) February 19th,20th August 6th,7th September 24th,25th

Pack Punch (Boxing Circuit Instructor Training) February 21st August 8th September 26th

Pack Pendulum (Kettlebell Instructor Training) February 22nd,23rd August 9th,10th September 27th,28th

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