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24 MIN / 24 HR BURN

Three coaches within the gym, from three different fitness backgrounds, saw a gap in the fitness market for a fresh, effective and fun training class that was backed up by the latest research conducted in the sports science field.
We as a team studied the current research and literature to see which training principles were shown to give the best results. From our fact finding we concluded that we wanted a class that combines the three main elements of fitness:
1. Functional Movement,
2. Strength Training and
3. HIIT training.

We wanted a class that was not solely built around improving your cardiovascular fitness. We wanted a class which was adaptable and could be used by anyone from the general public to a high performance athlete and still find it challenging to various components of their fitness.
We also wanted an exercise selection that we felt was not only effective but functional, therefore improving clients posture, general movement patterns and specific movement patterns. We believe that if we can follow this functional training path then our clients will not only improve in the gym and become less susceptible to injuries, but it would also improve the public’s general well being and health.
We strongly believe in the product that has come from this well devised creation process and think that RT24 is exactly what gym members, athletes and those just beginning their fitness journeys are crying out for to help push them to meeting their next goal!
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What is RT24?

We work on a very simple training philosophy: to achieve your fitness goals you need to train as HARD as you can for as LONG as you can while maintaining GOOD FORM. Within RT24 a “Bad Rep” is a “No Rep”.
We have designed the classes so that they meet specific training goals:
• burn fat
• increase muscle mass
• improve movement patterns,
• strengthen cardio vascular fitness

This is achieved by creating a flexible class which combines two different styles of training. RT24 programmes use a resistance that is unique and specific to the users training age and capabilities whether this be Body Weight, light resistance or heavy resistance loads. The volume of training in an RT24 class is high, and when you combine high volume resistance training along with the principles of HIIT training you can start to see how RT24 is built for achieving its results.
Each class is designed to be no longer than 24 minutes but within this time frame you will be expected to perform to your maximum effort. We do not believe any client or athlete should pace themselves through the workout, with our RT24 Coaches encouraged to make sure nobody holds anything back whilst training and leaves all their effort out there in the exercise bouts; there is no pacing everything is done to failure.
Each class is designed to be measurable in a certain aspect. Measurability not only allows RT24 clients to measure how hard they have worked in a class but also allows them to see their progress the next time they do a specific session. RT24 not only gives you a great tool to build on your fitness goals but allows you to measure how effectively you are achieving these goals. We believe that this allows clients to become more engaged in their training and fitness goals and gives another source of feedback to help encourage and also plan for their upcoming training blocks.
To become an RT24 Coach, call Alpha Training NI on 07515 640 905.
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